Jewellery copywriter Siobhan Maher with notebook, gold jewellery, and laptop

Creating jewellery brands

with the power of story

Building a memorable and distinctive brand impression begins with storytelling.

Get to the heart of your brand, find your voice, and share the magic of your jewellery with the world.

Copywriter Siobhan Maher stands with jewellery books and jewellery against a window

Your jewellery business thrives when you work with people who truly get what you do.

The CAD designer who brings your most ambitious designs to life. The gem dealer who puts the perfect stones aside for you. The setter who finishes each claw just so.

And the brand storyteller who understands the nuance of jewellery from the inside…

Elevate your jewellery brand with...


Purposeful brand storytelling is the backbone of your marketing.


Engage and inspire, reassure and romance… copywriting is the secret to sales.


Drive traffic and create an engaging customer experience with compelling content.

Jewellery storytelling speaks to the heart.

Let's find the right words for yours.

Ready to find out more?

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A creative & collaborative approach to jewellery storytelling

Authenticity is at the heart of my approach. Together we'll define and communicate what makes your brand and product unique.

What can I help you achieve?

Jewellery copywriter Siobhan Maher sits at a table looking at her laptop
A stack of jewellery books with gold jewellery draped on top
I would highly recommended working with Siobhan if you are wanting a fresh and creative approach to your jewelry business
Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry, USA
Siobhan was able to get a feel for my jewelry brand and steer the ship in the right direction in a short period of time, with great expertise.
Skydog Jewelry, USA
Siobhan is an incredible wordsmith who cuts right to the essence of a maker’s story and weaves words in a beautiful and insightful way.
Naomi Crook Jewellery, UK

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