About Jewellery Storytelling

Hi - I'm Siobhan, your jewellery copywriter and brand storyteller.

Jewellery is special, so trust your copywriting to someone who understands the magic and nuance of your precious product.

Jewellery copywriter Siobhan Maher stands against a green background
Your jewellery insider

After nearly fifteen years in jewellery, I have an intimate knowledge of the industry.

I’ve done my time at the bench, on the shop floor, and in the design studio. I’m proud to have been a Retail Jeweller 30-under-30 and two-time Professional Jeweller Hot 100.

In my time in the industry I’ve seen the significance of storytelling grow, and I’m passionate about helping jewellery brands of all sizes and stages harness its power.

But first, storytelling

An English Literature degree and background as a freelance copywriter guaranteed storytelling was at the heart of my jewellery career from the start.

As a white-label fine jewellery designer, I built a distinct reputation. My customers enjoyed the point of difference my supporting copy and marketing concepts brought to their collections.

Now, my mission is to make creative jewellery copywriting and storytelling accessible to all.

Off the clock

When my out-of-office is on I’m probably rummaging in a vintage shop, making tough decisions in a record store, or spinning round the living room with my five-year-old tiny dancer.

I find my greatest inspiration from travel, whether that’s striking out on the road or losing myself in the pages of a book.

I’d love to get to know you, too.

While away half an hour with me talking jewellery, and discover how we can make marketing magic together…