What Makes Copywriting for Jewellery Special?

When writing or commissioning marketing copy for your jewellery business, it soon becomes clear that a specific approach is required.

Selling jewellery is different – and so is jewellery copywriting. Behind our luxurious products are alchemic processes, insider terminology and ever-changing ethics.

Whether you’re commissioning copy for your jewellery website or tackling it yourself, here’s why copywriting for jewellery requires a special touch…

Luxury Copywriting: a Different Approach

Classic copywriting techniques are not always appropriate when it comes to selling jewellery and luxury goods. Approaches that tempt buyers in other sectors may actively put off a prospective jewellery customer.

A jewellery purchase is personal, luxurious, and considered – it requires a subtle balance between romancing and closing a sale.

Take call-to-actions, those vital pieces of text that encourage customers to engage, explore, and buy. Conventional copywriting practice suggests driving the reader to action with power verbs and urgency – but luxury brands should tread with care. Pressure might make a diamond, but it won’t help sell one.

Instead, CTAs should be invitations or guidance, allowing a customer to discover your story and product. Emotive storytelling in your web copy and product descriptions will provide the reasons they need to buy. Exclusivity and scarcity techniques work, but only if genuine – trust is a vital underpinning for any jewellery sale.

The same applies to directing a customer around your site – why tell them to “Shop” when you could invite them to “Explore” your collection?

Writing Product Descriptions for Jewellery: Head and Heart

Jewellery is both an investment and an intensely personal purchase, so the balance between facts and feelings is key.

Effective jewellery copywriting needs to simultaneously reassure and romance, inform and inspire.

The phrase “head and heart” illustrates what is required of jewellery copy and descriptions. Jewellery customers need to know vital statistics – carats and karats, findings and features – but will be drawn into purchasing by how the copy makes them feel.

Copywriting jewellery descriptions require an understanding of what really matters to the brand’s specific customer, communicated in an inspiring and emotive way.

Of course, it’s not just a matter of storytelling. Accurately describing jewellery helps avoid buyer’s remorse and returns – not to mention that descriptions fall under legal and industry guidelines too. A small error describing a weight or alloy, or a lack of information on hallmarking or jewellery care, could later become a significant customer service issue.

Jewellery Storytelling for Retailers and Press

Copywriting for jewellery targets not only your direct customer but also provides tools for retailers and press.

An electronics brand may win a place on the shelf with the strength of their specs, but a jewellery sale is far more nuanced. Your aesthetic and price point might be spot on, but our market is far too competitive – and our customers too sophisticated – for that to be enough.

A unique and emotive story will help your jewellery brand stand out. It gives editors and writers reason to feature you. It gives retailers an extra tool to sell your pieces – and that fact might just win you a place in their line up.

For brands handling their PR outreach themselves, a defined story and audience provides the inspiration and material for pitches.

At the heart of a well-constructed brand story is your audience, defining exactly who your brand targets and what your value to them is. Armed with this knowledge you’ll be able to identify the press outlets that shares this audience and know just what to tell them.

Sharing the Magic with Jewellery Copywriting

Jewellery insiders sometimes forget how bewildering our industry can be for a new customer.

There’s much to consider when it comes to a fine jewellery purchase. Precious metals and gemstones all have their own properties. Manufacturing location and processes influence quality and price. Ethics matter.

Thoroughly exploring these facets ensures your customer feels informed enough to make what may be an emotionally or financially significant purchase.

Our industry is also incredible – and copywriting is an opportunity to share the genuine magic of our product and craft. A knowledgeable jewellery copywriter can open a customer’s eyes to the wonder of our amazing industry.

We have age old craft and cutting-edge technology. We work with the most beautiful materials the earth can provide. We transform myriad inspirations into bewitching and meaningful designs. From social media to your website, a glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ is always well received.

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