How to Write Discount and Sales Copy for your Jewellery Website

If you have stock to clear, need a sales boost or want to reach new customers you might be thinking about running a sale. But if yours is a fine or handcrafted jewellery business, tread carefully to avoid damaging the impression of value.

We’re all familiar with brands who discount so often and so deeply that we’d rarely buy their products full price. You can avoid this kind of discounting pitfall with just a little careful copywriting…

Stay On-Brand

If you’re a luxury or handmade jewellery brand avoid the copywriting equivalent of pasting red 50% off banners all over your windows.

Keep your brand voice and tone as consistent as always; only your prices have changed, not your audience or quality. Have you ever bought from a luxury brand during sale time only to have your (still significant) purchase placed in a sale-emblazoned plastic bag instead of the covetable branded paper shopper? It is good advertising, sure, but my allegiance as a customer is stronger to the brands that make me feel like a valued shopper even at a discount.

Describe your items with the same reference and romance as you would full price. These aren’t “bargains”, they’re an “opportunity to own a piece of [brand name] at an exclusive price”.

Justify the Sale

Deep discounts can undermine the intrinsic value you’ve spent so long creating and communicating around your work.

Many years ago I worked in a branded jewellery shop who come Boxing Day would discount their products by 50-70%. We’d often face questions from customers who’d paid full price two days earlier; what is your jewellery actually worth if you can discount quite so deeply? Or, what is wrong with these pieces?

Pre-empt this kind of thinking by using your copy to explain why you are choosing and able to discount. Explain if they are end of line pieces, if you are clearing way for new designs coming, if are they experiments or old pieces. Alternatively, perhaps this is a blanket discount to celebrate or spread cheer.

Communicate Scarcity

You don’t want your customers to expect frequent discounting, so highlight the short term or limited nature of the sale. If you rarely discount your jewellery then say so.

State clearly the end date of your sale. Not only will this avoid disappointed customers who hesitate too long, but it also creates a sense of urgency that encourages customers to go ahead and buy.

Boost Your Inner Circle

Sales often bring in first-time customers, so use your confirmation and shipping emails to give a taste of what they’ll get if they stick around and join the mailing list. Ensure your copywriting reflects your brand voice and values throughout every customer touchpoint.

Tell your brand story, show your studio or share something of your craft or jewellery design process. Don’t forget to share where they can find you with an inviting call to action – “find more behind the scenes content at…”