What does a jewellery copywriter do?

Wherever you address your audience using words or text, a copywriter can add value.

Copywriters create written materials for sales or marketing. A copywriter’s words are designed to connect with your audience and encourage them to action.

Every piece of copy written has a different purpose or goal. Your copywriter will adjust their approach and the content to best achieve that.

A jeweller copywriter can be there from the beginning of your branding or rebranding helping you establish your brand story, voice, and content pillars. Or if you’re an established business, your copywriter will weave your existing tone of voice and story into their work.

You may engage a copywriter for one specific piece of copy, or month-on-month for content and social media captions. Perhaps you need a writer seasonally and at launches, providing ad hoc product descriptions, press releases, and marketing content.

Some copywriters are generalists, turning their skills to any industry or application with a little research. Others are specialists, bringing a depth of knowledge and insider insights to their work.

Jewellery Storytelling provides a specialist service, delivering creative copywriting and brand storytelling to the jewellery industry.

This work includes:

Brand & Marketing Foundations

Brand story & brand voice creation. Tone of Voice guidelines. Content pillars.

Web Copy:

Homepage text. Call to actions. About pages. FAQ pages. Evergreen content  Product & collection descriptions. Meta content. Microcopy.

Content & Email Marketing:

Social media captions. Blog posts. Email newsletters. Pitch emails for stockists & PR. Press releases. Adverts. Scripts for video content.

Printed materials:

Brochures. Point of sale materials. Packaging slips. Articles.

If there’s something here you’d like expert support with, Jewellery Storytelling can help.

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