What is Brand Storytelling (and Why is it So Important?)

Brand storytelling is more than just your brand story – it is the narrative identity of your brand.

Your story covers everything there is to know about your jewellery business; product and processes, history and values, purpose, people and impact.

Brand storytelling defines the way in which you tell that story, a deliberately constructed narrative designed to target and connect emotionally with your niche.

Storytelling establishes which aspects of your story are front and centre in your messaging. Your storytelling is intimately connected to the desires and needs of your specific audience, defining how you identify yourself to that niche and what you tell them are the key benefits of your product or service to them.

It also covers how the story is communicated. Storytelling defines your unique brand voice and outlines the language used in your copywriting.

I call brand storytelling the ‘backbone’ of your jewellery brand. This narrative connects all the elements of your business – your audience, your purpose, your impact – and is realised across your customer touchpoints, from your website to your social media.

Why is Brand Storytelling Important?

The product of most jewellery brands is not completely unique. The jewellery market is large, global, established – there are multiple brands doing aesthetically similar things.

Unless your business model is very specifically set up to compete on price, communicating a point of difference and value is vital. For your jewellery brand to stand out in such a competitive market you need storytelling. A brand story shares exactly what is unique about your brand and how that serves your audience. Speaking directly to your customer, it gives them the reasons to choose you that don’t rely on cost.

Even if you are one of the few jewellery brands who has produced something genuinely original, one truism applies to all – jewellery doesn’t sell itself. Whatever the jewellery, whatever the price point, there’s a jump to be made between a customer admiring your work and making a purchase.

That jump is how your customer is made to feel about their potential purchase. For an engagement ring brand that feeling may be romance, security, uniqueness. A design-led fine jewellery brand may want their customer to feel like a fashion pioneer, an individual, an insider.

An emotive narrative is what turns a customer from ‘that is a beautiful piece of jewellery’ to ‘I understand how this piece would impact my life and I’m emotionally engaged enough to invest in it’. For many, if not most, types of jewellery, a sale is not possible without it.

Remember too that other jewellery brands are not your only competitors. Fashion, technology, homewares, experiences, socialising are al vying for a customer’s finite spending power. A customer is far more likely to choose to spend with you if if you’ve connected with them emotionally.

How Does Brand Storytelling Work?

Humans are hard wired to respond to stories. We relate more deeply to and remember significantly more of information shared as a narrative. This makes brand storytelling such an effective tool for making connections and sales, impacting your customer journey in the following ways;

Brand Storytelling is engaging. A compelling brand story is niche-centred, speaking directly to your customer and what matters to them. Brevity and focus lend a brand story the power to make a swift  impression, helping your brand gain exposure. Your story makes it clear who your brand is for, building an initial connection and following.

Brand Storytelling is memorable. A great brand story is consistent across all touchpoints and platforms – from online to printed materials, pages to microcopy. This creates recognisability, building the brand awareness & familiarity that are vital for sales.

Brand Storytelling is emotive – and this is what secures sales. Your story engages with your audience on an emotive level, letting them understand how your jewellery is going to make them feel; the most powerful driver of all.

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