Does Your Brand Need a Jewellery Copywriter?

If you’re here there’s a good chance you’re weighing up the benefits a copywriter could bring to your jewellery business.

You probably already know that a copywriter is going to save you time and avoid those off-putting spelling and grammar mistakes, but outsourcing your jewellery copywriting could have more value that you imagine.

Here’s some reasons why your brand might be ready for a dedicated jewellery copywriter…

Copywriting is a Skill and a Science

Creative business owners are often frustrated when they can’t express in the written word what comes so naturally when they are face to face with a customer. There’s a temptation to think that writing should be easy for someone as creative as a jewellery designer or brand founder, but copywriting doesn’t depend on creativity alone.

You may tell a compelling story about your brand and product, but weaving that into a narrative that sells is something of a science. Depending on where the copy is going to be utilised there may be keywords, on-page SEO, call to actions, USPs or character limits to consider.

It’s also possible you’re just too close to your brand to work out what really matters to a customer. If your copy is cluttered with all the wonderful features and history of your brand you’ve lost the brevity vital for impact.

A jewellery copywriter will identify which aspects of your story speak most compellingly to your ideal audience, teasing out the myriad threads into a cohesive brand narrative.

Selling Jewellery is Different

If you’ve tried classic copywriting techniques and realised something feels off you’ll know why this one matters.

Approaches that lure-in buyers in other sectors might actively put off a prospective jewellery customer. A jewellery purchase is personal, luxurious, considered – it requires a careful balance between subtlety and closing a sale.

If you engage a dedicated jewellery copywriter, you’ll find they can also offer ideas and insights a generalised copywriter can’t – even one with expertise in luxury. Value-driven content should be a vital part of your web and social media strategies, and jewellery provides so many opportunites to educate and inspire.

A jewellery copywriter who has done their time in the industry will tell you what information your site needs to include, and spot opportunities for fresh and relevant new content.

Great Copy Breeds Content

Creating compelling content for your brand can be a time-consuming and downright daunting task. But with your brand story nailed and some sale-making copy in your arsenal you might just find it suddenly gets easier – because copy breeds content.

Good copy provides you with compelling sentences and snappy one liners that can be used elsewhere, squeezing even more value out of our project. With well-written content, none of it is filler, so break up that About Page or product description and make them work extra hard for you. (I love seeing my words pop up in the Instagram posts and newsletters of Jewellery Storytelling clients – SM)

Because good copy is storytelling-centric it will inspire your content strategy too. During a brand storytelling project you will identify your core story and customer’s drivers, which form the beginnings of your content pillars.

Convinced? You can find me at for jewellery copywriting projects big or small. If you need some more information I’d love to speak with you – book in for a free discovery call and let’s see if I can help you!